Kelly, Sandi and I finally have time to sit down and write a thank you for your professionalism and help selling our house.  Your name was really just a web site random pick and we are fortunate to have found you.  From our initial meeting to the final closing it was enjoyable and professional all the way.  The home staging and pricing consulting you gave was spot on.  The listing presentation and photos you provided showed the house as it should be shown.  Amazing how many listings have such crappy pictures, you did it right.  We are particularly appreciative of how you handled the pricing negotiations with the other agent and buyers.  I suspect most listing agents would have pressed us to lower our price to meet buyer expectations just so you could make "your" sale.  You didn't do that.  You listened and offered excellent advice during the discussions but there was no pressure from you.  The result of our team effort was that we got exactly the price we wanted.  There is a down side to your excellent work.  The house sold in about a month-even in a "down" market.  We expected it to take much longer so were unprepared and are now homeless and scrambling to find another house.  This is all your fault!  I insist you pass this note to those in the chain above you because I want to be sure they know what a great job you performed and how happy we are to have had you as our listing agent.  All the best,  Mick & Sandi Harrison

Kelly picked us up at the airport; coloring book & snacks in tow for our children. She gave us a fun tour of the city, pointing out our areas of interest. We had lunch at a "local favorite"and then spent the afternoon driving through neighborhoods to get a feel for the areas. She suggeted a kid friendly restaraunt we could walk to that night, and was at our hotel bright and early w/ Starbucks & pastries! The 3 days we spent with Kelly were productive, relaxing & enjoyable! We can't wait to move into our new home & start our life in Wichita"

"Kelly pays careful attention to us as clients and home owners.  She has done a great job of providing fair analysis of homes and takes care to point out the positive and negative aspects of every home we view based on our needs and desires; not ever “just wanting to make the sale”.  Kelly is very knowledgeable in the intricate details of the real estate world, and seems to keep up with all of the latest rules and regulations regarding home buying and selling.

 We would definitely recommend Kelly as a buyer’s or seller’s agent."


"Kelly has been a great help in identifying potential lenders, and has a terrific list of contacts including inspectors, handy men, Surveyors, etc. "


"We finally closed on our home in March 2004 and while the closing was extremely out of the ordinary and rough, Kelly was always professional and courteous with us, our sellers, and our mortgage lender. "

 I am not sure if I will be asked for feedback in regards to the services provided by our Wichita Realtor.  So, I will proactively provide feedback.  As you well know, our realtor in Wichita has been Kelly Watkins with JP Weigand & Sons.  Kelly has been great to work with during our transition.   We have made two separate house hunting trips to Wichita and Kelly has done everything in her power to meet our schedules – including the last minute trip during the weekend before Christmas.  Aside from the support received during the house hunting trips, she followed up on homes we showed interest in after the initial house hunting trip and provided us with new listings that meet our requirements – no matter how many times our requirements changed.  She would touch base with us around how the sale of the TX home was going and to inquire about any upcoming house hunting trips.  Once we finally made an offer on a home, she worked into the evening getting paperwork over to the listing agent the day before Christmas Eve and followed up with the agent on Christmas Eve.   My wife and I have really appreciated the help we received from Kelly during this home buying process.  We both would recommend assigning Kelly to help anyone relocating to Wichita. 
Michael W. Oakes
Supply Chain Manager


"Kelly was quick to offer many great tips for small improvements to make to our home so that it would sell quickly and for a higher price.  We listed our home on April 10 and had several showings right off.  On May 1, Kelly hosted an Open House in our home and received an offer that we accepted.  Over the next week Kelly showed us many homes that were exactly what we were looking for and we made an offer on a home May 7.  We closed on both homes May 25 with absolutely no problems."


"Kelly was very accessible through her office, her cell phone, and email and was sure to answer calls and emails promptly.  She kept us informed through the entire process and we never lacked for an advocate of our best interest."


"I highly recommend Kelly Watkins for any position in real estate.  I feel very confident that she would do her best to conduct ethical transactions and to sell each home with a professionalism that can not be matched."


"I have recommended Kelly to all our friends and family. "


"Kelly has provided excellent service and I can highly recommend her.  She has been very responsive, and welcomes my call at any time.  She explores the various opportunities which may benefit and encourage a sale.  She seeks information from the homeowner to ensure she is working as the homeowner desires, and makes recommendations which she feels may be beneficial to the

marketability of the property, to encouraging positive showings, and for making an efficient, effective closing.  She conducts her business in a very professional manner; she is a hard worker and obviously dedicated to the sale of the listed property."


"If you are buying or selling a home and are interested in a agent with boundless energy & utmost professionalism, Kelly Watkins is the realtor that you are looking for.


My wife Paula and I have been searching for the “perfect home” for over two years and we are constantly amazed at Kelly’s tireless willingness to keep sending us new listings and take us to showings.  To relate an example, a friend called me on the cell phone the other night and asked me what I was doing.  I told him that we were going to look at a house and during the conversation he made the comment,  “you seem to get the first look at everything new that opens up in Reflection Ridge”.  I then replied, “Kelly does an awesome job” and I think that phrase “Kelly does an awesome job” sums up in four words what we would say about our experience with her. "

 "Kelly met the buyers at our first open house. ~another agent we interviewed said open houses were a waste of time"