Step 1


Contact a Realtor (Hi There!) 

Let's chat about the market and discuss your desires, goals & timeframe. I will answer any questions you have and help you create a plan of action! 


Step 2


Get Pre-Approved For A Loan

I will be happy to recommend a few lenders for you. Based on your work history, credit and down payment they will help determine your budget. This will give us a price range to start your home search. 


Step 3


The Search Begins

Based off your budget and criteria, I will set you up for automatic emails from the Multi-List System (MLS). This is the most accurate and up to the minute information on houses listed within our market. These emails will be sent right to you so you don't have to spend time searching. 


Step 4 


Finding Your Home

THIS is the fun part! Now we get to see the homes you are interested in. I will set up all the appointments and we will see as many homes as needed until you find THE one.


Step 5


The Offer

Now that you have found your dream home, we will draw up the offer on the Realtor Association Board Contract. I will walk you through all of the paperwork and share my tips & tricks on how to make the best offer.


Step 6



Once we submit your offer the seller can accept, reject or counteroffer.

If the seller rejects or counters your offer we will discuss the next steps to help you achieve your goals. 


Step 7


Inspection Period

The purchase contract dictates the inspection process and timeline. I will help cooridinate these inspections and will go over the reports once received. I will then present any repair requests you have to the seller and we will negotiate until you are satisfied with the results.  


Step 8 


The Details

I will coordinate with the lender and the title company to get the appraisal, title reports, and to make sure we are all set for a smooth closing. I will explain everything you need to know along the way to ensure you are ready for your new home. 


Step 9 



We will meet at the title company for the closing. It will take approximately 1 hour to review and sign al of the necessary paperwork to officially buy your home. 


Step 10


Home Sweet Home!

You are officially a homeowner! You will receive copies of everything you signed and... THE KEYS!

Congrats ~Now start planning that housewarming party and be sure to invite me! 

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